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About the game

The Intertemporal Mayhem Encounter Show

Release Date: October 01, 2014
Genre: First Person Shooter - Singleplayer
Age: 18+

T.I.M.E.S. is the latest reality show à la mode. A modern gladiator is thrown in a natural environment arena to fight an entire army from another era. To make them flee, he has to exploit its modern advantage to compensate his loneliness.

Operating System    :   Windows 7 or 8 - 64 bits only
Video Card    :   DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM
CPU    :   Quad core CPU @ 2.0Ghz
Memory    :   4GB
HDD    :   10GB Available
Internet    :   Required

Our Design Intentions

T.I.M.E.S. is a final year student game developed at SUPINFOGAME France. Three designers, three artists and one programmer produced this prototype from September 2013 to June 2014.

  • To live a phantasmagorical experience, to revisit other ages
  • To be under a permanent pressure, alone against an entire army with low ammunitions
  • To feel highly powerful, using all the available modern technology
  • Coherent enemy behaviors, following strategies and tactics from their eras
  • New social interactions between the players and the viewers

//     We hope you will enjoy this experience!

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Game Stats

  • Percentage of failed games
  • Percentage of enemy soldiers surviving the fight
  • Percentage of players using the sniper rifle
  • Average accuracy
Weaken the enemy army to make it flee.

As a brave player, you must fight against huge enemy armies from other eras. You are new kind of gladiators and you have to use all the modern equipment available to survive. Unfortunately, you are considerably restricted in ammunitions! Every action has its consequences and has to be measured.

The army is divided into several groups, scattered across the map. The gameplay is divided into two parts, the Infiltration phase and the Action one.
The army doesn’t know the player is on the map. During this part, the player can attack a group​, put traps on the ground or destroy army’s supplies.

When attacking a group, the player must use spectacular and psychological actions. The group’s answer to an attack depends on the fear caused by the player. By using spectacular and unknown technologies the player can easily spread fear to an entire group of enemies. Once enemy groups are frightened they start to panic and they get disorganized. The player can increase this fear until they simply flee away in panic.

When a group feels too weak to confront the threat but not too frightened to desert, it tries to call the army’s general. If it succeed, the game switches to the Action part.
During this part, the entire army becomes aware of the player threat.

At the beginning of the Action part, the enemy Morale appears in the HUD. The Morale depends on the number of unhurt units and intact supplies. If the Morale falls to zero, the player wins.

That’s why the Infiltration part is very important! It helps to apprehend more easily the Action part, in which the player is weaker. In fact, the entire army organizes a coordinated response and a global strategy to annihilate the player’s avatar.

Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah! You have a nice ally, a drone dog!
Oh who is a good boy? Who is a good boy?